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Powers of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney is the most common form of a Power of Attorney and is a document legally appointing someone to manage your financial affairs on your behalf. 

These documents can be prepared so as to take immediate effect or to only begin operating in the event that you lose your legal mental capacity in the future. Most importantly, the legal force and effect of the document continues to endure even after you have lost your mental capacity.

We can advise you about all forms of Powers of Attorney that are available in your circumstances.

We recommend that every person who is over eighteen years of age and has legal mental capacity, have an Enduring Power of Attorney to ensure that their financial affairs can be managed by someone that they trust in the event that they lose the ability to manage their own affairs. This prevents a situation arising in which you lose your mental capacity because of an accident or illness and your family is left  to make an application to the Guardianship Board seeking orders relating to the administration of your financial affairs because you don't have an Enduring Power of Attorney in place.

If you are going overseas, particularly in the case when you are doing so for a long time, it is helpful to have a Power of Attorney appointing someone with a limited ability to manage your financial affairs and pay your bills for you from your bank account whilst you are away.  

We can advise you and those that you appoint, of the benefits of having a Power of Attorney and the responsibilities of being appointed by someone as their Attorney.


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